Historically, the Town of Princeville has been populated primarily by African-Americans and struggled early-on with social and economic difficulties relating to racism. Princeville sits adjacent to the Tar River and, due to the elevation, has flooded many times over the years which has also caused strain on the community. Despite these challenges Princeville has maintained its resilience. Our mission is to bring vitality and recognition to the town of Princeville through a series of events promoting economic development, community building, and healthy lifestyles.  Our goal is to initiate the building of vertically integrated black community that is self sufficient. 


Like a Phoenix we shall rise


Lisa Nelson, Organizer

Princeville Homecoming


Kevin Hicks, CEO

Triangle Bikeworks

K.L Allen, CEO

KeyGroup LLC

Golden Organic Farm

Golden Organic Farm’s mission is to sustain human and economic development in impoverished communities through agricultural practices and sports development camps. We connect young athletes to the land by installing CrossFit workouts in a farm environment, health and nutrition activities and agriculture curriculum; creating better athletes and future farmers.

Triangle Bike Works

We're a nonprofit focused on youth leadership. Our programs provide youth with a world of opportunity for self-discovery and confidence building. We give teens a space to connect with their peers while being given leadership and mentoring opportunities.


The mission of Freedom.org is to assist traditionally underserved communities and individual community members discover their own freedoms, limitless and collective power through historical preservation, economic development, education, community engagement and more.

KeyGroup LLC

KeyGroup is a strategic growth consulting firm that is dedicated to creating a strategy to help you start and grow your business. We believe in the importance of entrepreneurship and our passion is easing your journey into entrepreneurship.


For nearly a decade, our goal has been to remove the pains of GROWTH by developing comprehensive, user-friendly growth strategies to assist organizations with furthering their reach and revenue.

Marquetta Dickens,

Organizer Freedom.org

Kendrick Ransome, CEO

Golden Organic Farm



more than an event, it's a movement