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Princeville Homecoming: Bringing Black Wall Street back to the Farmers of the South

Updated: Aug 27, 2019

We’re ecstatic to bring you the first ever Princeville Homecoming festival! In August 2020, we’re hosting a Black Farm Tour through eastern North Carolina that will end with a family festival in Princeville. This event isn’t just about having a good time. We're promoting wealth and health, by offering a 30 or 66 mile bicycle tour. Runners can sign-up for our 5K and 10K run!

Not sure if you’ll be able to hang?

If you don’t think you can hang, no worries, you’ve got a full year to get ready! Get back on your bike or dust off those running shoes! While you’re getting ready include us on your journey by using #princevillehomecoming. We’d love to create a community of support around your efforts so we get to know each other before the event.

Don’t want to bike or run? Just come out and join us for the festival. There will be live performances, a Black Farmer’s Market, food trucks, vendors, a Kid Zone, and libations from black owned craft beer breweries and wineries We want this to feel like a true homecoming. Bring your lawn chairs, wear your family reunion/HBCU/business t-shirt, network, and enjoy!

“If there’s one thing I believe in, it’s the power of African Americans to support one another.” - Dr. Lisa Nelson, Organizer

Workshops and Seminars

We believe in promoting black wealth and economic development for the town of Princeville. Come join us for financial, real estate and entrepreneurship workshops and seminars hosted by experts with over 10 years of experience.

A Strong Legacy

One of life’s precious gifts is resilience. And we are a resilient people. Princeville has a rich history of displaying the resilience of our people. As the first town in US history to be incorporated by formerly enslaved African Americans you can be a part of its resurgence.

“Despite the rich historical Iegacy of the Town of Princeville it still goes unrecognized. Its significance in American history remains largely uncelebrated.” - Dr. Lisa Nelson, Organizer

We want you to join us as we promote the history of the Town of Princeville as the original Black Wall Street and spark economic growth, bring vitality and create a hub for Black enterprise.

Princeville sits adjacent to the Tar River and, due to the elevation, has flooded many times over the years which has also caused strain on the community. Princeville Homecoming will foster an awareness of Princeville that facilitates lobbying for necessary infrastructure support and investment.

Our Goals

● To promote the Town of Princeville as tourist, business and relocation destination

● To encourage entrepreneurship in the Princeville community

● To promote networking and collaboration to facilitate the lobbying needed to establish the infrastructure needed to support economic growth.

● To eventually develop the area as an incubator hub for Black business, Black culture, agribusiness, tech and health

NC Black Farms

Access to affordable healthy food is vital for the empowerment of the black community. That’s why it’s so important for Princeville Homecoming to work alongside NC black owned farms. Black farmers now make up less than 2% of all farmers in the United States.

“African Americans have lost millions of acres of farmland across the South during the last century, in a trend propelled by economic forces, racism and white economic and political power.” - John Yang, PBS

Golden Organic Farm, one of our partners working to change this statistic, will be hosting a seminar on farm entrepreneurship. Together, we’ll offer a Black Farmer’s Market, connecting people with black-owned farms near them.

We’ll dive deep into the history of Princeville, the importance of black owned businesses, and healthy lifestyles here on the blog. Stay connected by subscribing. We’ll post event updates here, as well.

We hope you will join us on August 1, 2020 for community building, a little exercise, and a whole lot of fun!

Homecoming is homegrown, vertically integrated, honoring the past and building the future.

It's not just an event it's a movement!

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more than an event, it's a movement